Lake Tahoe

Doing Things

It’s the New Year! How are those resolutions looking, or is asking that a social faux pas? My resolutions are mostly related to writing consistently and having more discipline, or whatever. And also to catch the attention of Ryan Gosling, but that one’s obvious and makes the list every year. Any day now!

I, for one, rang in the New Year wearing penguin footie-pajamas and drinking tea with my dad. I feel wholly comfortable christening it Brilliant Choice Number One of 2013. It seems that after months upon months of sweet, sweet alone time in Thailand, I lost a considerable foothold in the understanding of “spending time with friends”. In gatherings, everyone around me is being logical and saying things like, “We probably won’t all be together again anytime soon, so let’s make plans for tomorrow as well.” I, conversely, am huddled against a wall, eating my hair and saying things like, “Wait, again? But we’re not even done hanging out right now!” Besides, it’s really cold here and being outside is hard, as is leaving the house. If animals can hibernate, I can too. Ah well, my friends love me anyway, I think.

The New Year, a time for embracing freshness and opportunity, unfortunately harbors within it a cynical negativity as well. We’ve all seen the news reports or posts on Facebook reminding us of the dejectedly small numbers representing the percentage of us who keep our NY resolutions. I find this to be rather an unnecessary preoccupation with failure, so to counteract that in my own meager way, I’d simply like to remind you that you can do it! Not in a corny way, but in a no seriously you can do it way. Get your sh*t together, exert a modicum of self-discipline, and do it. Hooray!

“Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,

Ring out the old, ring in the new,

Ring out the false, ring in the true”

Lord Tennyson


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